Community Strong

Building a community begins with a product we can rally around, support and get excited about, such as the Womanition magazine, hitting the stands on Friday.

Womanition is a community of strong business women, collectively doing business together, supporting each other and making a difference. Womanition is a community, built by women for women, and it all began with a magazine.

Guy Kawasaki wrote in The Art of Creating Community, “Frankly, if you create a great product, you may not be able to stop a community from forming even if you tried.” 

This coming Friday, September 7 th , we comes together and celebrate you as a business woman and a member of the Womanition community as we gather for our honourary luncheon. The 2018 magazine will launch on Friday and I have another surprise I am very exciting to share with you.

What’s Up?

I talk about the six pillars of Womantion and how each pillar is designed to support the growth of you and your business. The magazine is the hub of the community and when you take advantage, and participate in the networking luncheons, business relationships and friendships are formed as people will come to know and trust you. When we show up regularly, people remember and you will become recognized as the “go-to” person in your industry.

On October 12th , the biannual Womanition Bizbrigade will be held at the Chateau Louis Conference Centre. This popular women’s conference is focused on growing your business with a lineup of great speakers and a panel of experts.

Nominations are coming in for the Supearlative Awards. On February 24th , 2019, our annual Awards night is a gala event, celebrating the success of our peers, nominated by their peers.

I am very excited for you to meet the new Womanition members on Friday, we have over 100 women attending the honourary luncheon, so don’t forget your business cards.

See you Friday!

  Posted: Wednesday, September 4th, 1:00pm a month ago

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Womanition has been to me so many things but above all it has become my family. As you know, I have no family here they are all in SK. Scott’s family is also very small and not very involved with gatherings. Womanition has become that family for me. I look forward to all the meetings because it’s like a family gathering. I have so many more friends, colleagues, referral partners and clients from it! I wouldn’t say it has doubled my revenue but I do have many dear clients because of the relationships I’ve built there. I have more confidence in my speaking skills and it has given me the confidence to host my own events too to help even more women build their own confidence. You have created a ripple effect that will affect thousands of women. -Jenni Sustrate