Dorothy Briggs


What I figured out was, work hard at something, give it your best and get the payback, the big reward. Many careers I have had during my life, and the one that keeps me totally excited and enthused about is sales. I haven’t really had any formal training in sales, however I’ve been told I am very convincing. Making the deal is like a drug. It’s euphoric and you want more.

My family is very important to me and I love them all. We are now over 35 and counting. My mother is the reason I moved back to Edmonton 10 years ago, being away was getting to me, as it had been 20 years away living in four Provinces, only to get home for special occasions.

Friends are people you pick, because they add to your life and you add to theirs. I am one lucky person, as I have the best friends of any one I know.

Giving to your community is essential to being successful. I made a promise to myself I would give as much as I could to whatever charity or person in need I chose at the time. I don’t make a lot of money but I live an awesome life and consider myself a successful human being. I always have enough of what I need and get through tough times. I land on my feet. Womanition Magazine is so very special to me. I see women grow in their personal life as well as their business. The magazine make things happen for the women who take advantage of the gift they have received. It’s a joy to me when a featured lady gets it.

Womanition is where I should be. I love what I do and I’m excited everyday.

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Womanition has been to me so many things but above all it has become my family. As you know, I have no family here they are all in SK. Scott’s family is also very small and not very involved with gatherings. Womanition has become that family for me. I look forward to all the meetings because it’s like a family gathering. I have so many more friends, colleagues, referral partners and clients from it! I wouldn’t say it has doubled my revenue but I do have many dear clients because of the relationships I’ve built there. I have more confidence in my speaking skills and it has given me the confidence to host my own events too to help even more women build their own confidence. You have created a ripple effect that will affect thousands of women. -Jenni Sustrate

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