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IRENE ESTAY Ph.D. Psychology Registered Psychologist

Dr. Estay has worked in the field of Human Development for the past 40 years. She has inspired people in all areas of pursues: University students as a professor in Latin American and North America Universities, as a psychologist for women and men experiencing an array of issues from lack of passion in their lives to mental health issues and as a motivational speaker in English and Spanish for the past 16 years . Throughout her career she has done extensive studies in the areas of Self-Esteem, Peak Performance and Psychology of Achievement. She has trained and educated herself with the best in the field of change. She has inspired and empowered thousands of women and men with her wisdom through her Nurture Yourself Seminar © and the Foundation of Me™ workshop series over the past 16 years.

Now she wants to reach a bigger audience with her simple and effective steps for change that will take you and your organization in your journey to excellence with confidence and successful strategies to find your own path to joy, wellness and fulfilment in life.

In her book : Here I am Lessons Learned, she highlight the areas of her life that were stopping her in finding balance and wellness and how the principles that she teaches in her seminars allowed her to re direct her journey to find an overall sense of joy and wellness.

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Company: Foundation of Me Workshops by CARE Society

Phone: (403) 770-7819

Email: dr.irene@foundationofme.org

Website: www.foundationofme.org

Good evening Dorothy I just wanted to take a moment to get back to you on how Womanition has made a difference in my life. As I’ve shared with you previously I know that my business would not be where it is now if not for Womanition. This next part is between you and I. In my first year in Edmonton (4 years ago) I had 15 clients all year and barely made 15,000. Now only 4 years later I’ve hit six figures with 4 part-time staff and I’m already sitting at 20 clients for 2019. I’m also moving into a new location next week that is a store front with 600 sq ft. I’m so excited. So what made the difference in the past 4 years? Womanition! Trust me when I say everything I needed to know about growing my business I learned by attending Womanition Luncheons and Bizbrigades. Even today I met a new client and she mentioned Dorothy Briggs and Donna Worthington and how wonderful you both had been in supporting a charity event she held. My parents told me growing up that you are known by the company you keep and I believe that is part of the successful formula that is Womanition! I have done business with many members and I collaborate with many of the ladies from Womanition and I love introducing women to the group as well. Because I know what it can do for someone’s business. I have made some wonderful friendships that continue to bloom and enrich my life. Barely a day goes by where I don’t talk to someone who I met through the Womanition Group. When I moved to Edmonton in 2014 I didn’t know anyone! Of course, many of the members of the Senior Solutions Team are women who I met through Womanition and it brings so much credibility to potential clients and members of our team when I can point out so many members in the magazine. I really can’t even express how much being part of Womanition has meant to me. It has changed my life!! Smiles and blessings to you always Dorothy -Karen Murdock

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