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Life is amazing and it keeps getting better. That’s a statement I make regularly now, but back in 2002 I was functioning as a working wife and mother but with no smile or inner contentment. Life was drudge. I didn’t even dream that such a great life was possible for me until I discovered the importance of rebuilding myself from the inside out.

By 2010 I had grown a great deal, even completing a university certificate program. I also discovered I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a side business, Tender Loving Cups. In February 2014 I quit my full time job to take my bra business global.

In the course of sharing my life experiences through books and speaking engagements I was driven to directly help other people overcome their challenges and self-limiting beliefs. I found my purpose – to inspire and encourage others to find their fulfillment through respect, authenticity, honesty and gratitude.

Does any of my story resonate with you? Are you ready to start living for the future instead of revisiting the past? I’m ready to help you work to find your purpose, passion, smile and inner contentment.

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Company: Tender Loving Cups

Phone: (780) 504-1512



November 2014 was the first meeting I attended with Womanition at the Four Points Hotel on 75th street and 63rd Ave. in Edmonton. Since that day, my life has never been the same! Shortly after meeting with Dorothy Briggs, I became the facilitator of the Leduc Womanition Connect Group. I have been running the Leduc group since February 2015. February 2019 marks the beginning of my 4th year as the facilitator for the Leduc Womanition group. When I first saw a Womanition Magazine, I was determined to find a way to be featured in this beautiful, professional magazine. I have now been featured in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and am about to be published once again in the 2019 issue of the Womanition Magazine. It was actually through a client of mine that I became introduced to Dorothy Briggs. I had been carrying a copy of the 2014 Womanition Magazine around in my briefcase. One day when we were working in my client’s office, she asked me if I knew about Womanition? I pulled out my magazine from my briefcase and said, “Do you mean this Womanition?” She agreed and of course I wanted to attend the next meeting in Edmonton! That’s where I met Dorothy Briggs for the first time. I have received greeting cards in the mail from people congratulating me for being featured in the Womanition magazine. These people are not in the magazine. They don't even live in Edmonton! The first time I was featured in the magazine, my credibility shot up so much that I had 14 ladies come up to me and ask for my services. I will run the Leduc Womanition Connect Group and be in the Womanition Magazine for as long as I live in Alberta...not that I am planning to move any time in the future. Being part of Womanition has had a positive effect on my life. I will forever be grateful to Dorothy Briggs for believing in me enough to allow me to manage the Leduc Womanition group. As for business, most of my business comes through Womanition now. Yes, I still get clients through LinkedIn itself, but now it is 70% from Womanition and 30% from LinkedIn. Womanition has taught me so much about business and how to do business, as well as great people skills. Dorothy is truly inspired as a visionary for her Womanition business. I love her forever for being my friend and for loving me back. -Christine Till

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