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Are you a business women?

…….An entrepreneur?

…..Do you have products and services to sell?

If you answered YES to these questions; THEN YOU ARE A WOMAN FOR WOMANITION® MAGAZINE

Opportunities and Benefits

  • Full Page Feature with copyright ownership
  • Professional Photograph with full copyright ownership
  • Alberta Distribution
  • Credibility
  • Book Deal
  • Internet Exposure
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Annual Publication
  • Year Round Promotion
  • Connect with Like-minded Women
  • Learn how to Network Effectively
  • Become the Go-to Person in your industry


This could be Your Most Significant & Profitable Opportunity this year!

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In my life, connecting with Womanition has made the difference between just running a business and becoming a successful, confident business woman! I love the supportive, educational environment you offer to your ladies. You make each of us feel appreciated and valued and you always make yourself available with honest, fair feedback and consistent encouragement to keep moving forward. I know that everyone experiences less than stellar days, but even when you might be having one of those days, nothing seems to prevent you from welcoming each of your girls with a big hug and a warm smile. And because you foster this attitude within your Womaniton community, all your ladies can be extensions of yourself to all business ladies. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this?!? I am so glad that Greg introduced us and I look forward to calling myself a Womanition Woman for many years to come. Thank you, Dorothy, for your mentorship; you inspire me Oh and as far as improvements on your service, just create more groups! Your regular requests for feedback allows you to continually make little changes, testing and sampling what works for your members. I’m excited to be able to witness the growth of Womanition across Canada and then the world. I hope you realize that you’ll never be able to retire, right? -Carla Gate

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