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1. Go to Meetup.com. You must join the Meetup organization first. 2. Search for the name of the group then join the group. 3. Must have a business head shot, full name and profession. 4. Answer the questions. 5. Wait for approval. 6. Once approved, proceed to RSVPing and paying online to attend.

Womanition has been integral to the success of my business for many reasons. Prior to starting my company, I worked for 20 years in the film and television industry, a world unto itself. Upon starting Modern Muse Media, I knew very few people in the corporate world nor much about entrepreneurship. Womanition embraced me and has provided me with a community of clients, and now friends, who support my business and inspire me as a business owner. The networking and professional development opportunities have contributed to the growth of my company and my confidence as an entrepreneur. I have secured various clients due to exposure of the magazine and many Womanition member have attended our workshops. It truly has been invaluable being a part of this organization. -Jesse Szymanski

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